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Toca Djembe

by Craver

I've been using the Toca Djembe, from their '5th Anniversary Freestyle Series,' at the open mics for about four-months.  I let many musicians sit-in and have a go at this amazing percussion instrument.  Here's what I've found...

Sound Quality - The drum has very clean 'highs.'  It 'snaps' when you hit it around the rim.  This is complimented by an great low end 'doom' sound.  The range of sounds that can be had from a single drum is very cool.  I've played other Djembes in the past, and this Toca drum is the best sounding of anything of tried.

Ease Of Use - Many of my open mic players that try the Djembe have no experience with percussion at all. I'm amazed at how well most people have picked up on how to play the drum with only a short introduction.  

Open Mic Relevance - It's hard to imagine a better percussion instrument than the Toca Djembe for a typical open mic application.  Unlike a full-drum kit, it's not 'too loud.'  It provides a great range of sounds, keeps the 'groove' going, and it's easy to play.

Summary - If you're looking for a versatile percussion instrument that is lightweight, stylish, and sounds great, pickup a Toca Djembe!