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Digitech Vocalist Live 5

Digitech Vocalist Live 5

by Craver

Vocalist 5 - Digitech - OpenMic.UsI've been using the Digitech Vocalist Live 4 (Vocalist 4) at open mics and solo gigs for the last year or so. I recently started using the Vocalist 5.

Here's what I've found...


The Vocalist 5 provides 1 - 4 part vocal harmonies, along with guitar effects, through a single user-friendly unit.


Like 'The 4,' the Vocalist 5 is very intuitive.  I started out by ignoring the supplied directions on purpose, just to see how far I could get.  I was very pleased with the results.

I was able to easily identify the appropriate cable inserts.  Everything is cleary marked.  As soon as the unit is plugged in, it powers up. I plugged in my mic and a guitar and fed one mic cable to the PA.  That's it!


The Vocalist 5 comes with 99-preset channels.  Each channel provides a wide-variety of vocal and guitar effects, and each can be customized. 

Once you've plugged in your mic, guitar, and power chord, you're ready to go.  There are three volume control knobs.  One each for main vocals, harmony vocals, and guitar.

The four-foot switches have been redesigned. Instead of the larger switches in 'The 4,' The new model features a button for each switch. They are off-set, which keeps the foot from accidentally hitting another switch. The switches enable you to turn the vocal and guitar effects on/off, and you can toggle between the channels.

Another new feature that I love is the 'A/B Switch.' This allows you to preset two-different settings for each channel. The practical application is having the 'A' setting for the verses of a song and the 'B' setting for the chorus. I have often thought that this would be 'handy,' and it is! 


Factory Presets - Each channel is pre-programmed with a vocal/guitar effect.  They're all labeled and numbered.  Some of the presets include, 'CSN,' '7 Bridges Road,' and 'Eagles.'  And, yes, they all are 'dead-on.'  My personal fave is 'Elvis.'

Customization - Each channel has five-different adjustments that allow you to tweak the sound of the vocals and the guitar.

Pitch Correction - For those singers who could use a little 'help,' you can tell the Vocalist 4 which key you're song is in and it will auto pitch correct your lead vocals and harmonies.

Tone - The quality of the harmony voice tone on the Vocalist 5 is the best I've ever heard.


I love the Vocalist  Live 5 from Digitech.  I have not performed once without since it arrived over a month ago.  The most common comment that I've heard from other musicians at the open mics is, "I've got to get one.  How much is it and where can I buy one."


Additional Info. Digitech Website - Vocalist 5 Page
MSRP $699.95
Street Price $499.95