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Become a professional performer today!

Greetings from the shores of Lake Lanier, Georgia. I'm Craver, the guy that created the OpenMic.us Network.

A number of years back, I made the transition from avid musician hobbyist to professional performer.  Since then, I've made my living in the music business.

If you've thought about 'going pro', I've got something that you'll find very helpful.

Make Music / Make Money - Becoming A Professional Performer

I've run hundreds of open mics over the years.  Many musicians have asked me the same questions, "how do I get a paid gig," "what kind of gear should I buy," "how much money can I make playing out," etc.

With years of experience playing solo, duo, and band gigs, I figured that it was time to share what I know. 

So, I've written a book and it's now available for the first time!

Everything You Need!

My new book will tell you everything you need to make a smooth transition from amateur to professional.  I cover such topics as, types of gigs, selling yourself, equipment, press kits, and much more!


"Craver has done an excellent job of presenting all the important points necessary to become a professional musician. Amazingly, this book is very thorough, covering the subjects fully and in detail, yet written in a clear, concise and even condensed form, without wasting the reader's time with filler!   It is chocked full of insightful tips and tricks of the trade that come from years of experience."

Marvin Taylor
Professional Musician, Producer, Songwriter

Don't Delay, Order Today!

This is your chance to get your own copy of this valuable resource in its first printing.

Support independent publishing:                        buy Craver's book on Lulu.