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Jeff Carlisi

by Craver

When Jeff Carlisi graduated from Georgia Tech with OpenMic.US - Reliable open mic information.a degree in architecture, the housing market was flat. So, he did what anyone would have done, started a rock band! Jeff became the lead guitarist and songwriter for the legendary southern rock band, .38 Special.

Jeff grew up with the boys from Skynyrd in Jacksonville, Florida. Southern rock is in his blood. Jeff stated, 'When we put .38 together, we weren't trying for anything ground-breaking.  We just fed off of our influences of the times like Skynyrd and the Allmans.'

.38 Special didn't exactly burst onto the rock scene overnight. Jeff said, 'Most people think that our release, 'Rockin' Into The Night,' in 1979 was our first.  Actually, it was our third release. The label stuck with us after our first two-albums had dismal sales.'

Although Jeff has left the band, he's still very active in music. He stated, 'I'm involved with CampJam. It's a rock-n-roll camp for kids that takes place in multiple markets around the country. It gives kids of all skill levels a chance to play in a band.'

My son, Collin, participated in CampJam a few years ago.  He loved it.

Another aspect of CampJam is the CampJam Experience for adults. Jeff said, 'It's a great opportunity to hang-out with, and learn from legendary rockers. It's a lot of fun.'

I've attended a CampJam Experience weekend. It was amazing.  Jeff was on lead guitar and Liberty Devitto, from Billy Joel, was on the drums.  We performed two of my original songs on a big stage with about 100-people in the audience!

Part 1 of my interview with Jeff Carlisi features Jeff's detailed account of the song, 'Hold On Loosely.'  Listen now!

Visit the official Jeff Carlisi website.