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Eddie Money

by Craver

Eddie Money has been on the rock-scene since the late 60's when he decide that being a New York cop just wasn't what he wanted to do for a living.  

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with 'The Money-Man.' He was funny, gracious, and full of life.  Just as I hoped he would be.

Eddie said, 'I just couldn't see myself wearing a uniform with short hair for the next 20-years.'  So he headed for San Francisco at the height of the Vietnam War.  He state, 'I was against the Vietnam War.  My brother was over there.'

While attending college, Eddie got a break and teamed-up with legendary promoter, Bill Graham.  Eddie said, 'Columbia Records was a real 'powerhouse' back then.  We got lucky and got on 'Saturday Night Live' when it was brand-new.  It really catapulted my career.'

In the nearly four-decades that Eddie Money has been a 'rock star,' he hasn't slowed down a bit.  His current schedule has him playing dates all over the Country.  He played 15-gigs in July.  Eddie commented, 'I have to keep playing or I'll lose my band.  They like to work, so I keep going.'

Eddie's daughter, Jesse Money, has a music career of her own. She often joins him on tour and 'blows away' the audience.

Eddie is very involved with charities that benefit children.  The proceeds from the sale of Eddie Money T-Shirts goes to help a myriad of worthy children's causes. Eddie said, 'Children are the future of the world.'

Eddie is very aware of OpenMic.US and our effort to promote live-music performance opportunities for all. Eddie simply said, 'It's a great thing and I wish you great success in the future.'

If you'd like to listen to the complete interview with Eddie Money, CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to follow Eddie's lead and get involved with Children's charities, here are a couple of his favorites:

St. Jude Children's Hospital

Rock For X-Mas