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Tony Sims

The Tony Sims story begins in Minnesota when he made his recording debut at the age of two, with a cover of "Popeye the Sailor Man". By age five, he had found his calling in the grooves of an Elvis Presley record. By age six, he was armed with his first guitar and an upright piano where he discovered the mystique of boogie-woogie. By his early teens, Tony had formed a performing band consisting of school and church mates. He also began writing his own material.


Tony started playing professionally at 16 and spent the next dozen years honing his craft and developing his own sound. During that time he opened for many regional and national acts, developed a strong Twin Cites-based following, co-wrote with well-known, nationally recognized songwriters, has been a hired hand for recording sessions, and produced countless demos as well as four of his own CDs. Tony is a triple threat in that he has a distinctive look/charisma, is a talented singer/multi-instrumentalist, and a seasoned songwriter/producer.

Put all of that together with the experience that only thousands of live shows can provide, and you have what they call "the package deal". His music is a unique mixture of American roots--including country, blues, rock and roll, and soul--that he adapts and molds to create his own unique, accessible pop style.

Tony Sims resides in Atlanta, GA, where he is living out his dream of expanding his following, raising his profile, and spreading his musical message.  Tony both hosts, and performs at Atlanta Area open mics as a way of building his fan-base and testing out new material.

Hear Tony Sims original music on his website.

Watch Tony as his wins a regional 'blues' competition.