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Kurt Scobie moved from Michigan to Nashville, TN on July 2nd, 2005. He had high hopes and no contacts when he packed up his trusty blue Chevy S-10 and headed to the land of fried chicken and Waffle Houses! And his attempts to get noticed on the Nashville music scene seemed unsuccessful. Kurt began working at a hotel in Brentwood, TN (just south of Music City) to pay the bills.

Evenings were spent working, and then burning up cell phone minutes on a wonderful long-distance relationship. He and his roommates would have a blast hitting a few of Nashville's great night spots. And, for a semester, he attended Belmont University for their acclaimed Music Business program.
While Kurt learned a lot living in Nashville, the distractions of work, school, roommates, and a special lady kept him away from really tapping into the music world. Of these, one "distraction" became a major focus.
III. November 4th, 2006 brought more radical changes for Kurt. Elizabeth, his girlfriend at the time, had recently moved to Atlanta, GA and their relationship was beginning to get "serious". After much thought and prayer, Kurt made the difficult decision of packing up and moving again. This time he had no roommates, almost no money, and was now even farther from his northern roots. Kurt transferred to a job with the same hotel chain and started from scratch again in a new, and much larger city.
Surprisingly, Altanta brought exciting opportunities and amazing people onto Kurt's path. He immediately looked in newspapers and online for music opportunities. Elizabeth was always a great encourager for him and is the reason for many music opportunities. Before long, he was playing out at open mics, and was making some good contacts in Georgia. By April, 2008, he was able to leave his job at the hotel, and perform as a musician full time!
2008 held great music success as well as a major step in his personal life. Kurt and Elizabeth became engaged in the Spring, and, on a perfect, God-amazing, beautiful Saturday afternoon in October, they were Married! The ceremony was filled with music (including a special original song Kurt sang as his bride walked up the aisle), and their best friends were all there to make the day perfect. 
The experiences and opportunities continue. 2009 has brought an opportunity with the Atlanta Braves, his very first photo shoot, and his rookie appearance at the NACA National Convention! 
Charles “Tremendous” Jones said “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things, the people you meet and the books you read.”
Kurt Scobie would not be the Kurt Scobie you know, if it weren't for the phenomenal people in his life. He has always thought himself blessed for not only the experiences and opportunities he has had, but also for the people who have shared with him in those experiences and opportunities. And this 'becoming' is not over. Kurt's attitude is that he is never finished or complete. He holds to his beliefs, but allows his unbelief to be shaped and colored by those he trusts.