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Rebecca Loebe

Loebe’s main (subjective) focus is love, and heaven knows the world suffers from a surfeit of such songs. That said, Rebecca approaches ‘love’ with a sly wink, and a lively lyrical style that purposefully ignores the pitfalls of ‘moon, spoon and June.’ That contention sees fruition in Married Man (‘You can’t knit socks for a married man’) and Meridian (‘I’ve got a lover who don’t love me, guess that’s just what I deserve’), while the title alone—Her In That Dress—screams venom and jealousy. Loebe first toured the Golden State back in 2006, a visit that inspired the sing-a-long California which hinges around the repeated: ‘California, I warned you, I can’t stay.’ A few seconds intoAvalanche, the final selection, Rebecca whispers: “It’s a dangerous place.’ Building to a climax and the fading wistfully, a string section delivers the closing two-minute long coda of this simple yet sensual song. There’s no mystery about the prize, simply note the name—it’s Rebecca Loebe. - Maverick Magazine - September, 2010

Rebecca was recently asked about the role that open mics have played in her career. She responded, 'I love open mics.  When I was getting started touring, a lot Rebecca Loebe - Indie Spotlight - OpenMic.USof my gigs were "Open Mic Feature" type slots.  On nights off, I would always try to find an open mic in a town that I had never gigged in before.  

Open Mics are cool because it's a guaranteed assemblage of people who enjoy listening to other songwriters, meaning potential future fans! I've also met other musicians at open mics that I have shared shows - or even full tours - with in the future. I can trace a lot of towns that I gig in successfully now to the first time I ever played an open mic there, met other musicians, people to stay with, future fans, etc.  

I'm pro-open mic for sure! And I always enjoy your newsletter!'

Rebecca recently participated in the NBC show, 'The Voice.'

* During my Blind Audition I was selected by Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Christine Aguilera, who I then had to choose between as my coach.  After some discussion, I chose to be on Adam's team, and I advanced to the next round.

* I love listening to you sing, in a genuine way…”- Adam Levine (of Maroon 5)

* “I’d love to work with you, I think you have a really special gift."- Christina Aguilera

* Within 24 hours of airtime my recording of "Come As You Are," debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes Alternative Chart in the US & Canada.