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Neil Cribbs

My name is Neil Cribbs and I moved to an  Atlanta, GA suburb about 3 years ago. Initially moving for a job in an IT position I found myself stuck in a rut financially

OpenMic.US - Neil Cribbsand motivation-wise as many musicians find themselves. It's kind of like writer's block of the soul. I had written an album that I recorded in college on a home computer and sold at shows that I played around college almost 6 years before and had always dreamed of being able to be a singer-songwriter for a living. After moving to Georgia I discovered there was an open mic just around the corner being run by some guys from a group called Stokeswood. They were, at the time, a budding group who was beginning to sweep the local radio airwaves.

As soon as I stepped up to play Mark and Adam from Stokeswood's eyes lit up. The feeling that you get from someone who is both enthralled and appreciative of your music just from the glint in their eyes is enough to want to push yourself. Needless to say, they introduced themselves and instantly became friends. Here's where the story begins to take it's turn. 

Stokeswood already had a set in fanbase. Though they played a different style of music, their fans began to bleed into my fanbase as well. I began to grow as a musician. Fans began to bring their friends out and I went into a studio and recorded my first professional album. Watching Stokeswood grow (and continue to do so) pushed me even further. 

As of two weeks ago I'm a full-time musician. I have achieved the first of my life goals. Though the life of a full-time independent artist is still a poor one, I'm content. I'm raising funds to go back into the studio, and it's all because of that first open-mic and the appreciation and openness of the wonderful MCs.


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