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The Aeon Flow

OpenMic.US - Indie Spotlight - The Aeon FlowA wide array of harmonious vibrations interweaved with tense frequencies directed at your consciousness.
This is The Aeon Flow.
Founded in 2008 by Bert Cole and Shane Varnadore, the band functioned as a duo for two years before releasing "Three Diddies For Aural Pleasuring's!" Jan. 1st 2010, and "The Law of One" June 30th, 2010. They caught the attention of Masie Autorino and Aaron Wright at a local open mic, who filled out the line up until their departure in March 2011.
The Aeon Flow plays original music with hard rock foundations and a range of sounds and styles; From rock to blues, progressive to industrial and everything in between.
Shane provides powerfully dynamic vocals and an intense stage presence, combined with Bert's ripping licks and melodic vocal harmonies.
The Aeon Flow turns heads at every performance.
The Aeon Flow is currently playing shows throughout the metro Atlanta area.